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RYLEY WALKER Antwerpen, Trix (28/10/2015)

by Ann Cnockaert

Walker is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago.  His musical journey started in  Chicago’s experimental free/noise music scene . He then turned into folk-rock and was inspired by some of his famous predecessors such as Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, and Bert Jansch.

Ryley who is currently touring with Julius Lind (upright double bass), Brian Sulpizio (electric gitar) and Ben Boye (keyboard) stopped in Antwerp to perform another great gig.

During this concert Ryley brought a lot of new tracks. His comments in between each track were very playful and witty, but while playing the songs he was completely into his music. At certain moments the atmosphere was extremely intimate. I was nearly afraid to take pictures since pushing the button could possibly make a disturbing noice.

As a listener, you could feel a wave of emotion surfing over you with each and every song. Goosebumps moments were therefore many. His vocal take outs and grunts matched perfectly with his guitar playing.
For me the highlights of this concert were: ‘Funny Thing She Said’ , but also covers like ‘Fair Play ‘ by Van Morrison and the encore ‘ If I Were a Carpenter’  by Tim Hardin were particularly good.

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