Home LiveFoto's NADA SURF Tourcoing, Le Grand Mix (12/04/2016)

NADA SURF Tourcoing, Le Grand Mix (12/04/2016)

by Ann Cnockaert

De setlist:

1. Cold To See Clear
2. Whose Authority
3. Weightless
4. Believe You’re Mine
5. Happy Kid
6. Do It Again
7. 80 Windows
8. What Is Your Secret?
9. Jules And Jim
10. Concrete Bed
11. Inside Of Love
12. Animal
13. The Way You Wear Your Head
14. Friend Hospital
15. Blonde on Blonde
16. Out of the dark
17. When I was young
18. New bird
19. See these bones


20. Hyperspace
21. Popular
22. Always Love
23. Blankest Year

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