Home Live THE CHIEF OF SEATTLE Ramsbottom, Pudfest (13/09/2015)

THE CHIEF OF SEATTLE Ramsbottom, Pudfest (13/09/2015)

by Luminous Dash

Taking the stage at 6:30, The Chief Of Seattle following a covers band that had whipped up the crowd into a beer and pigs’ blood frenzy, all seemed serene when the first chords of The One That Got Away rang out.


What followed was a rousing set, the like of which we’ve come to expect from this original Manchester five piece. All the favourites were there including Across The Sea and Don’t You Forget, along with some new tunes, one that stood out in particular and quoted as the next single, End Of Embers, was received with much enthusiasm.

Mostly seen in their native Manchester, this tribe have proved they can explore other lands and win over any crowd with their skilfully crafted songs and intriguing stories. See this band, the Chief commands you!


Listen here :

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