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BLACK GRAPE Manchester, Granada Studios (11/04/2015)

by Ann Cnockaert

For the umpteenth time a memorable reunion in Manchester, the capital of music in the UK: Granada Studios were the setting for a legendary reunion concert of Black Grape.
Granada Studios is well known for the first television appearances of Joy Division, The Sex Pistols and was also the home of Tony Wilson, (founder of the legendary Factory- record label), whose day job was a TV new reader.
After the breakup of The Happy Mondays, lead singer Shaun Ryder and “vibe-meister” Bez, formed a new band Black Grape along with rapper Kermit from the vastly underrated Ruthless Rap Assassins.
The long queue of people waiting at the entrance showed that there was a lot of interest for this concert. The press was present in large numbers and in addition to Black Grape also on were, DJ Dermo, the singer from Northside and Clint Boon, keyboard player with Inspiral Carpets. Also present were, John Robb, music journalist and inventor of the term Britpop. There was a great atmosphere from the start and I got the opportunity to talk with Alan McGee, manager of Black Grape and founder of the former cult record label Creation Records.
The musical expectations were more than met and Shaun Ryder had the audience from the first note. And Kermit had a good burst of energy.
The band were tight, great rhythm section, keyboards and newcomer Neil was ace on guitar topped up by a new saxophonist. Bez had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the moment he came on stage, with his legendary dance moves.
Bez is trying to be an MP, and is the head of “The Reality Party”
The girls from “The Reality Party” danced wildly on the stage making a great party atmosphere.
If the next concerts are as good as this, the reunion will be a great success.

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